Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gnarly Surf Party: Call for Art!!

Dudes and Dudettes
These words you are currently reading will thrill you and fill you. So far if you're reading this and understanding the words on this page, you're doing a great job. "Gnarly Surf Party" is an art exhibition held at Index Art Center dedicated to the Beach and Surf Culture New Jersey has lost over the past decade. We have had one of the most famous shore lines since the 19th century. These "shores" are not beaches to New Jersey locals, we don't go to the beach but we go down the shore, this exhibition looks to explore our beach and surf culture. Since you are continuing to read this I assume you are still interested. This is an open call for art, so please submit your work to Samer Fouad the curator of "Gnarly Surf Party" at
*All mediums will be considered

Deadline for submissions is Sunday July 8th 2012 9 PM EST.
Drop-off for artwork: July 28th and 29th
Exhibiton dates: August 4 through August 17
Reception / PARTY: August 4th, 7 - 11 PM

Thank you!
Samer Fouad/Index Art Center

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