Tuesday, April 24, 2012

C O N T R A S T - a senior graphic design exhibtion

350 Martin Luther King Blvd.Newark, NJ 07102-1801

This Thursday April 26th 2012
In the past four years we have been taught that CONTRAST is pushing the hardest black on the softest whites. Contrast is juxtaposing telescopic distance with microscopic detail, it's setting up big against small, smooth against rough, crisp focus against a soft blur, it is even about looking at the type and creating serif to sans serif mutual conflicts. Being a class of diverse races we view contrast as more than just a part of design but also an idea. Contrast is the push and pull of criticism, support, and the exchanging of experiences and inspirations. We, the senior class of 2012, invite and welcome you to CONTRAST- A Senior Graphic Design Exhibition.

Aciel Bernal
Alex Lee Kelly
Alan De Risi
Amber Evans
Bruno Zatta
Coco Kim
Curtis Labow
Hanyi Shen
Ismael Sanchez
James King
Jacqueline Kinney
Phil Da Silva
Run Kung Law
Samer Fouad
Sara McGowan





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