Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Solo(s) Project House Two Year Anniversary Fundraiser

RAISE THE ROOF: Two Year Celebration and Annual Fundraiser
Saturday, March 3, 2012
7 - 11 pm

Refreshments and Afterparty provided

Silent Auction
New Installations
Open Studios
Live Entertainment
Performance Ar

Solo(s) Project House will soon be celebrating two years in the business! In the past two years we have grown in ways that we didn’t think possible in such a short time. Currently SPH houses over 20 artists in residence, an exhibition space, several satellites spaces and are able to provide unique artist's opportunities. This is just the beginning… Our rapid pace of growth will certainly not stop there and we are excited to continue to move forward in 2012.

We are growing and we need your help!!! It is your support that will aid us in this journey. Join us Saturday, March 3, 2012 for our two year celebration and annual fundraiser.

Donating Artists:
Anthony Alvarez, Ashli Sisk, Athena Barat, Brian O' Boyle, Christine Wagner, Daniel Patrick Helmstetter, Dave Fretz, Dave Smith, David Oquendo, Drew Ennis, Erik Garcia, Fernando Barretto, Gianluca Bianchino, Hannah Craft, Hiroshi Kumagi, Ibrahim Ahmed III, Jacqueline Cruz, James S. Wilson, Jim Legge, Joe Iurato, Joe A. Waks, Jonah Freedman, Joshua Knoblick, Katrina Bello, Kevin Darmanie, Kylie Lefkowitz, Lisa Conrad, Lori Merighe, Lowell Craig, Luisa Pinzon, Matt Gosser, Marc D'Agusto, Nick Brandreth, Nicole Helen Brunner, Nyugen Smith, Phil Da Silva, Rebecca Jampol, Reverend Jt. Olsen & Veronica Von Brillo, Ronit Levin Delgado, Samantha Katehis, Samer Fouad, Sara Mayti, Shoshanna Weinbeger, Stan Sudol, Stephan Mckenzie, Todd Hoffman, Zellie T. Thomas & More.

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Sponsors include: The Print Post, Two Head Monster, Guerrilla Galleries, Alvarez Events, Shameful Designs, Hell's Kitchen Lounge, Art Kitchen, Mix, Ferrous Design + Research

ABOUT The Solo(s) Project House
The original Latin and Greek roots of PROJECT mean "something that comes before anything else happens", and that is precisely what Solo(s) Project House is in a nutshell; evolving projects around a completed one. A space where gallery and studio are elbow to elbow, where the rigors of creation are coupled with the satisfaction of completion. The gallery is a sound stage upon which the house residents can imagine their months of creativity displayed from beginning to end. A true partner in the exhibit process, the artists are commissioned with a curatorial role that gives the visitor a 360 degree view of the creators vision. Far from an original white walled space, SPH is a home for experimental installations, avante-garde performance art and a myriad of media art. With an ever evolving pool of artists from various cultural and personal experiences SPH is a true melting pot of artistic expression.

SPH is located at 972 Broad St. in the arts district of downtown Newark, NJ. It is free and open to the public, wed - Friday from 12 - 6pm.



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