Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pulling a Jimmy Woods

and making a comeback.

Welllllll to explain today shortly, cops slamming on our door telling us to open up, Niki's car getting broken into, watched the wizard, took a lot of pictures. 


1.jimmy woods2 thumbs up love ithate it
i. one who completes an amazing comeback 
ii. one who is attempting an amazing comeback 

i. the act of making an amazing comeback 
ii. being in the process of making an amazing comeback 

origin: (1989) The Wizard starring a 13-year old Fred Savage. Late in the Video Armageddon during a dramatic plot twist, Haley (Jenny Lewis) screams for Jimmy Woods (Luke Edwards) to "Use the Flute!" in the then unreleased game, Super Mario Bros. 3. Woods successfully warps to World 4 (Big Island) and pulls a 'Jimmy Woods' thus ending the reign of Lucas (Jackey Vinson) and his 'so bad' power glove.

newark nj



whoever broke in to niki's car stole some good stuff...
niki is really upset about the items lost, 
im more mad that they stole more than half his easter candy :(


warm compositions make me feel cold


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