Sunday, March 1, 2009

depth of thought

after a very deep weekend i've thought to myself "why are human beings so mean to eachother" war has been a part of man kind since the dawn of man himself. war is fought over religion, over land, war is even fought for peace. but what bothers me most are the people who can sit there and speak about politics and speak out their goals and what they wish the government would do to better the world but they dont see it in themselves to fix it. sure you may argue that you are just one in six billion, but so was Ghandi and so was Martin Luther King jr. they just had the balls to stand up and say something that they knew would make a change. 

over the last week ive been extremely depressed about things i feel i will not achieve in my life, people i will never meet, places i will never see. and i keep asking myself. "whats stopping you" there are 6 billion souls on this planet, 6 billion stories behind them. its amazing what you can learn about a person if you just sit and listen to them instead of just waiting for your turn to talk. (thank you fight club) but honestly it depresses me to think about how many beautiful people there are on this earth with stories that will change my life.

i decided to make a new piece and the subject is peace. in my eyes the 60's had it wrong with their peace sign. because in my eyes a peace sign now a days is a grenade. because without war, we have no peace. today's peace sign is violence.

i pray that one day we will all just treat eachother with the respect one another deserves.

please watch this, please go to see this, please support this

this is not the finished piece, this is just a test stencil i made to see how it would look
and i thank you for reading this


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