Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kevin Kocses Throws Down


yo yo check this

yo alright

my favorite ride was always the ferris wheel 

ride with a bitch to the top, draw the gat and steal 

her virginity of course and push her off the top

your boys at the bottom watch ing whiney bitch drop

save your money for somethin better

cause if your hoe aint paying your a weak ass letter

I mean the letter Q of course

cant get shit done without U to reinforce

i need my lays original and wavy

cause when im watch ing TV i'm nothing but lazy

legs stretched out with my hands on my nuts

it gets that salt and vinegar taste in every crunch

I crush all the MCs like you dont even know

and when im off the mic i hustle that snow

chillin with my weight at the corner in front of Toys R Us

waiting for fifth graders to get off the bus

little miss sally walkin down those steps 

when i ask her for the white i know there's no regrets

i give her the money and she gives me bag

bitch gives me attitude i tell her get off the rag


photo courtesy: Matthew Ojeda

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